The HARDALPITOUR, also known as HAT, was created in 2009 by Corrado Capra. Its formula inspired the off-road motorcycle tourism, now called Adventouring.

The HAT is a 24/36 non-stop adventure-trip for teams ma

de up of three bikers, mainly on dirt roads with GPS tracks. The HAT is open to maxi touring-adventure motorcycles whose weight shall exceed 150 kg. This is a non-competitive ride with no timing. The aim is to enjoy the routes, panoramas and natural beauties together with friends who share the same passion for this motorcycling. When you arrive to the finish, you’ll get your certificate of participation!


Thanks to thei

r high-level organization quality that is well-known both in Italy and in Europe, the OVER2000RIDERS Association and the company HATVENTURE Srl, the HAT organisers, launch the HAT SERIES, a set of Adventouring events which take place in North-Western Italy and are ideally connected one another. The events of HAT SERIES 2018 are included in the AICS Adventouring Tourism National Calendar.

The HAT PAVIA-SANREMO at its third edition, connnects very diverse but typical places of our peninsula. The first part of this route crosses the Plain of the river Po with its beautiful landscape, then heads out westward on the Apennine of Liguria and Piedmont to the Ligurian Sea. Plain, hill and sea: a pleasant and well-balanced tour also intended for beginners of the adventure-trips.

The HAT SESTRIERE ADVENTOURFEST is at its second edition. This is a three-day event where participants are divided in groups and accompanied by expert guides on the routes of the dirt road high-elevation network of the Susa Valley, starting from the Base Camp at Sestriere. The routes are easy and this format with an expert guide is the ideal solution for those who want to approach the Adventouring.

The HAT HARDALPITOUR SANREMO SESTRIERE, the Queen of Adventouring, is in its twelve edition! This event links two famous touristic towns, from the sea to the mountains, creating a unique adventure. Its three categories that offer different levels of challenge; the international massive participation; the presence of professional international renowned bikers make this HAT a real celebration of the motorcycle adventure and an event that true lovers of it cannot miss!

The most important news is … to make your wrists shake … Corrado Capra and Nicola Poggio give life to a new event that opens HAT SERIES to new extraordinary horizons. HAT MASTER BALKANS is born, the Academy of Adventouring signed HAT, an event that launches the MASTER CHALLENGE, a new formula of participation that, maintaining the spirit of tourism, adds moments of great challenge for participants. A tight tour that in mid-October will bring 50 participants, by invitation, from Trieste to Tirana, and will test the best driving and navigation skills of the pilots. A quite challenging tour reserved for experienced pilots, who are looking for new horizons, new experiences and new limits. The best pilots will achieve the MASTER OF ADVENTOURING.

The HAT SERIES events are characterised by the same philosophy, by the same high-level organisation, by the same passion for motorcycle adventouring: an extraordinary chance to experience the world of Adventouring.