HAT HARDALPITOUR Sanremo Sestriere

6th-8th September 2019 – 11th Edition

The legendary HARDALPITOUR reaches its 11th edition which, thanks to the constant participation of about 500 motorcyclists from over 15 nations, can be defined as Europe’s largest Adventouring event. The departure will once again be from Sanremo, a place particularly appreciated by participants and accompanying persons, especially foreigners, who in this seaside town find reasons for interest and entertainment: from sandy beaches to the famous Casino, to the elegant shops of the historic center. The collaboration with the Sanremo Casino has also been renewed, which will host the participants in its theater for HAT Night and briefing. The Piazzale Dapporto (ex Station), closed to the sea, will host the HAT Village with the starting stage and the stands of the numerous partners of the event, welcoming the gathering of the many participants.

Different novelties for the 2019 edition:

  • STARTING PRIORITY BASED ON THE REGISTRATION DATE – The starting list will be based on the date of registration of the team, an advantage in the start procedure which, for the large number of participants, lasts a few hours;
  • THE MARATHON PRIZE – Combined with the Certificate of Participation, it is a further recognition for those who have completed their route faithfully passing through all the checkpoints. A special prize for those showing maximum commitment, respect and perseverance;
  • A NEW STOP/REFRESHMENT IN THE CENTER OF CUNEO – The HAT goes to the living room for a break and a refreshment in the central Piazza Foro Boario, thanks to the hospitality of the first provincial capital crossed in the HAT history. The novelty of contact with the city public, for a typical mountain road event;
  • NEW OFF-ROAD ROUTES AROUND LIGURIA, IN THE CUNEO AREA AND ALTA VAL DI SUSA  – The scouting work continues to guarantee participants new paths for new scenarios. And this year, there will be some news for Extreme with various new routes in Liguria, in the Bardineto and Bormida areas, and near Garessio, then a grand finale in the Alta Val di Susa crossing the Galleria of Saraceni, to reach the 2,800 meters of the extraordinary Monte Jafferau with descent on Bardonecchia. It will be an unforgettable Sunday morning. As for the participants of Discovery, who will instead find themselves on the other hand for a morning refreshment at the magnificent Abbey of Staffarda (12th century) near Saluzzo. The HAT is an event of research of historical places, which finds wonderful scenarios and creates wonderful moments;
  •  DISCOUNT ON REGISTRATION OF UNDER 21 PARTICIPANTS – HAT is increasingly becoming a moment to unite fathers and sons in a family adventure. Young motorcyclists are welcome.

As per HAT tradition, there will be three routes, different in length and difficulty, that each team of three pilots will be able to choose based on their needs and abilities:

  • EXTREME, suitable for experienced pilots, is a true “marathon” route lasting 40-42 hours, over a distance of about 900 km. The departure at midnight on Friday is truly evocative, under the lights of the spotlights that illuminate the stage starting place in the HAT Village, with the attendance of many enthusiasts and onlookers. This route includes a long nocturnal part with lots of off-road vehicles around Liguria and a short rest in Garessio. After having traveled the legendary Via del Sale, the descent to Cuneo for the second stop. Here the path meets the other two. Before the arrival in Sestriere scheduled for the early afternoon of Sunday, the exclusively long final tour in the Alta Valle di Susa previously described;
  • CLASSIC, which includes about 24 hours on saddle, including the riding part at night, over a distance of about 560 km. Facing the Classic path means making the Hardalpitour as originally designed, ensuring all the emotions of this unforgettable experience. The departure will be at 12 noon on Saturday from the starting stage of the HAT Village, with arrival in the mountains of Sestriere in the early afternoon on Sunday;
  • DISCOVERY, lasting two days on a route of about 420 km with an “easy” level, which includes an overnight stop in Cuneo. It is the path for those who want to participate in this event with a lesser commitment but still living it. The first part of the route, up to Cuneo, will coincide with the Classic route. After the rest, the re-start early Sunday morning to reach Sestriere with a sliding path. Discovery can also attended individually.

From an organizational point of view, the commitment is always at the top thanks to the approximately 50 staff members c/omposed, as usual, by the experts of Base Luna, the Piedmontese association of Civil Protection specialized in motorcycle events. And this year there will be as many as 16 different refreshment points organized and divided on the various routes. As far as security is concerned, the use of GPS trackers distributed to the participating teams continues, allowing the geo-location to be monitored in real time in the area and to send any immediate rescue requests in case of need to the HAT Operations Center.


The number of HAT 2019 partner companies is growing, which are: YAMAHA (motorcycles), GARMIN (navigators), T.UR (clothing), ANLAS (tires), TOURATECH (accessories), KLIM (clothing), ENDURISTAN (accessories), LS2 HELMETS (helmets), TCX (boots) and PLOTTERFILMS (transfer films).

Another thought of solidarity with HAT. The artisan start-up A MANETTA will be present for the second year, conceived by the Brughiera CàDaMat association for the Busto Arsizio prison: a textile printing workshop (born thanks to Plotterfilms by So.L.Ter, another friend of HAT) that creates nice two-wheeled t-shirts, also sold on the spot. The name and logo combine the passion for motorcycling with the difficult condition of detention, or in any case limiting freedom, with a special irony for those in need of support.


An important novelty for the 2019 season is the entry of the HAT SERIES into the AICS Motociclismo Adventouring calendar which, we recall, provides for the participation of maxi-enduro bikes with a minimum weight of 150 kg. AICS Motociclismo was born at the beginning of 2018 with the aim of promoting the world of motorcycling to the fullest and coordinating amateur sports activities at national level, albeit with competitive methods. In 2019 the Adventouring Sector was born, coordinated by Corrado Capra.

Friday, September 6th
The event begins at 09.00 o’clock at the meeting point in Sanremo, opening of the HAT Village
From 12.00 to 16.00 o’clock: all participants of the Hardalpitour Extreme will check-in and pick up the documentation of the event in the Check-in Room.
From 14.00 to 19.00 o’clock: all participants of the Hardalpitour Classic and Hardalpitour Discovery will check-in and pick up the documentation of the event in the Check-in Room.
18.00 Aperitif to welcome all participants.
19.30- 20.30 – Dinner reserved to participants to Hat Extreme in a dedicated location.
21.00 -22.30 – Briefing of the event in the Casino of Sanremo, for all participants of Hardalpitour Classic, Extreme and Hat Discovery.  After the briefing there will be the HAT Night Sponsor Gallery with many important guests from motorcycling and  tourism adventouring community.
23.00 Start of the HARDALPITOUR EXTREME from piazzale Dapporto

Saturday, September 7th
From 09.00 to 11.30 the HAT Village will be open in piazzale Dapporto
From 10.00 to 11.00 start of the Hat Discovery
From 11.30 to 13.00 o’clock: lunch
From 13.00 to 15.30 start of the teams Hat Classic.
From 18.00 to 21.00 arrival of the Hat Discovery at Cuneo at the marquee of refreshments.

Sunday, September 8th
From 12.00 to 16.00 arrival of Hardalpitour Discovery, Classic and Extreme participants at Sestriere at the HAT Village square.
From 12.00 to 16.00. Certificates of attendance will be presented to participants at ATL SESTRIERE CASA OLIMPIA. Lunch for all participants.
From 17.00 to 18.00 award ceremony of the participants belonging to the special categories that finished the HAT. Closing of the 11th HARDALPITOUR.

HAT Extreme starts on Friday 6th September – 920 km – two night rides (70% off-road)
HAT Classic starts on Saturday 7th September– 580 km – night ride (60% off-road)
HAT Discovery start on Saturday 7th September – 450 km – stopover/accomodation (40% off-road)

Single- and twin-cylinder motorcycles weighing over 150 kg (according to the AICS Adventouring rules)

Level 2 – dirt roads are easy but riding for 24-36 hours can be very challenging – Some difficult stretches

From 180 to 380 EUR – individual participation fee (teams of 3-4 riders)

It is necessary to be a Over2000Riders member to take part in this event.