HAT HARDALPITOUR Sanremo Sestriere

6th-8th September 2019 – 11th Edition

The legendary HARDALPITOUR reaches its 11th edition which, thanks to the constant participation of about 500 motorcyclists from over 15 nations, can be defined as Europe’s largest Adventouring event. The departure will once again be from Sanremo, a place particularly appreciated by participants and accompanying persons, especially foreigners, who in this seaside town find reasons for interest and entertainment: from sandy beaches to the famous Casino, to the elegant shops of the historic center. The collaboration with the Sanremo Casino has also been renewed, which will host the participants in its theater for HAT Night and briefing. The Piazzale Dapporto (ex Station), closed to the sea, will host the HAT Village with the starting stage and the stands of the numerous partners of the event, welcoming the gathering of the many participants.

A new initiative will be the special event devoted to a tour by electric-pedal assisted bicycles “HAT ECOBIKE CHALLENGE”, organized on Thursday September 6th. The route will wind up along the bicycle lane from Sanremo to San Lorenzo a Mare in beautiful places along the sea. This event is intended for those who will train for the HAT and want to involve also their families in a pleasant, relaxing bike tour.

In Sanremo a 4-day-long exhibition devoted to historical motorcycles and adventure will be organized. Stay tuned!
Participants who are younger than 21 years at the moment of registration will have a discount on the entry fee as shown in the registration form.

The route of the three versions of HARDALPITOUR, CLASSIC, EXTREME and DISCOVERY will be changed and new stretches of road will be added.
The EXTREME version starts on Friday evening and finishes together with the Classic and Discovery versions in Sestriere on Sunday afternoon. New stretches of road are added for about 150 km. It is a real trip, lasting about 40-42 hours, over a distance of about 920 km to be covered independently. Each biker can rely on the skills and resources of the team, as well as make use of the refreshment points located on the route and of an additional and check/stopover indoor point where to relax.

The Classic version is longer and more challenging, if compared to the previous editions, its length will reach about 580 km. Some changes in the itinerary are made to increase the off-road stretches and shorten the asphalt ones.

The Discovery version is the most suitable options for those who prefer making the HAT more softly thanks to a shorter track and to the night stopover, without missing the emotions and the atmosphere of the HAT. It lasts two days and is open to single biker as well as small groups of two bikers. The route of the first day coincides with that of the Classic. On Saturday night bikers stay overnight in Limone Piemonte area (this overnight accommodation is at participant’s charge). The restart is Sunday morning along the Classic route, arriving in Sestriere Sunday afternoon, at the same time as the other HAT participants.

Autonomy and responsibility  are two of the watchwords of this tour: in fact, every participant will receive all necessary information in order to be free in evaluating the tracks to follow to reach the points of technical assistance and refreshment up to the arrival in Sestriere.

The HAT HARDALPITOUR is an event included into the official 2018 calendar of FMI Adventouring 2018. The FMI membership card that you buy together with the HAT will be already valid from the 10th calendar day after the date of your payment. It will expire 31th December 2018.

Thursday, September 6th
10.00: Opening of HAT ECOBIKE CHALLENGE, meeting point in SANREMO.
11.00: Start from the bicycle lane from  Sanremo to San Lorenzo (20 km)    (refreshment point).
15.00 Return from San Lorenzo to Sanremo along the bycicle lane.
16.30: Arrival in Sanremo
21.00 Evening in the exhibition hall for presentation of the event.

Friday, September 7th
The event begins at 09.00 o’clock at the meeting point in Sanremo, opening of the HAT Village
From 12.00 to 16.00 o’clock: all participants of the Hardalpitour Extreme will check-in and pick up the documentation of the event in the Check-in Room.
From 14.00 to 19.00 o’clock: all participants of the Hardalpitour Classic and Hardalpitour Discovery will check-in and pick up the documentation of the event in the Check-in Room.
18.00 Aperitif to welcome all participants.
19.30- 20.30 – Dinner reserved to participants to Hat Extreme in a dedicated location.
21.00 -22.30 – Briefing of the event in the Casino of Sanremo, for all participants of Hardalpitour Classic, Extreme and Hat Discovery.  After the briefing there will be the HAT Night Sponsor Gallery with many important guests from motorcycling and  tourism adventouring community.
23.00 Start of the HARDALPITOUR EXTREME from piazzale Dapporto

Saturday, September 8th
From 09.00 to 11.30 the HAT Village will be open in piazzale Dapporto
From 10.00 to 11.00 start of the Hat Discovery
From 11.30 to 13.00 o’clock: lunch
From 13.00 to 15.30 start of the teams Hat Classic.
From 18.00 to 21.00 arrival of the Hat Discovery at Limone Piemonte at the marquee of refreshments.

Sunday, September 9th
From 12.00 to 16.00 arrival of Hardalpitour Discovery, Classic and Extreme participants at Sestriere at the HAT Village square.
From 12.00 to 16.00. Certificates of attendance will be presented to participants at Sestriere Sports Arena. Lunch for all participants.
From 17.00 to 18.00 award ceremony of the participants belonging to the special categories that finished the HAT. Closing of the 10th HARDALPITOUR.

HAT Extreme starts on Friday 7th September – 920 km – two night rides (70% off-road)
HAT Classic starts on Saturday 8th September– 580 km – night ride (60% off-road)
HAT Discovery start on Saturday 8th September – 450 km – stopover/accomodation (40% off-road)

Single- and twin-cylinder motorcycles weighing over 150 kg (according to the FMI Adventouring rules)

Level 2 – dirt roads are easy but riding for 24-36 hours can be very challenging – Some difficult stretches

From 160 to 395 EUR – individual participation fee (teams of 3-4 riders)

It is necessary to be a Over2000Riders member to take part in this event.