Tourism Adventouring

Events and aims

The events of the Tourism Adventouring circuit consist of tourist tours by motorcycle whose major characteristic is to head out on routes with frequent stretches on dirt roads (off-road). Their main objective is to develop a culture of motorcycling tourism that makes appreciate and enhance the cultural, environmental and historical aspects of the regions crossed.
These events are also aimed at sensitizing participants towards safety, respecting environment and those who share the same natural spaces. Bikers’ personal skills are also honed, such as psycho-physical condition while riding a motorcycle, as well as orientation and navigation abilities.
These motor events are therefore intended for those who want to combine technical aspects of environmental-aware driving with those ones of travel and discovery, always with the aim of creating and developing a culture of “evolved and sustainable motorcycle tourism in its full range“.


As these events are regulated by the Italian Motorcycle Federation (Federazione Motociclistica Italiana -FMI), membership to the FMI is required to take part in them. Enrollment to FMI can be made at the same time you sign in for the event. Participation is open to previously made up teams of two or three bikers, according to the Special Regulations of the event. This rule reflects the spirit of togetherness that is typical of the Tourism Adventouring events as well as guarantees more safety to the participants themselves.

Motorcycle requirements

This is a very particular and connotative Rule of the Tourism Adventouring events. In fact, all two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles (the latter if included in the Special Regulations of the event) in compliance with the Rules of the road; multi-cylinder and single-cylinder motorbikes with dry weight exceeding 150 kg (according to manufacturer’s technical data sheet), equipped with tires suitable for off-road and in perfect technical efficiency are allowed to take part in these events. This Rule may be waived according to special regulations of each event.

Routes, duration and navigation

In the purest spirit of this sports discipline, the routes normally start from one place and arrive to another one located at a significant distance (not less than 160 km per day) to be covered on some days. The roads are of all types but mostly dirt roads (off-road) to enhance the adventure characteristics of this discipline. Refreshment points are provided for the participants along the way. The events are held on routes open to normal traffic, therefore participants are required to comply with the Rules of the Road and with all the provisions in force on the subject, including any decrees of the local authorities of the territory involved.
The route is usually shown by GPS tracks, and in any case by means of a system that has no impact on the territory (so no arrows, painted signs, tapes, etc.). Participants can autonomously decide to follow the indicated route or possibly alternative routes to get to the arrival point. Check-points may be provided to stamp the biker’s passage card, which may be taken into account to award with a certificate the biker who arrived at the end of the route.


Tourist activities can be organized along the route to give all participants opportunities to better know the territory and its specialties (photographic documentation, search for points of interest, orientation, and so on). Organizers will also give participants detailed tourist brochures and booklets of the areas involved into the event.