A new frontier of motorcycle riding

“You look at it with love, you see its muddied knobby tires and a few scratches on the tank, you are ready to leave with it for a new adventure! You cannot help but put on boots, helmets and gloves … turn it on, put the backpack on your shoulder, jump in the saddle, fill up …. and off to the meeting with your travel mates, in search of the sun, of dust and freedom, that freedom you know you can find only cutting through dirt roads, crossing passes and fording creeks.
You will leave the sea behind you, you will cover roads that ooze history, legends and fatigue, you’ll ride through ancient beautiful Italian villages that are often unknown, you will cross the mountains and reach the long-awaited destination.
All this is an experience of friendship, solidarity, fatigue, thousand-colors landscapes and, why not, tasty food with flavours and aromas that will always remind you these memorable moments of your life. It’s because this is the HAT, the adventure-travel that crosses territory, culture and history of the North-West of Italy, from the sea to the mountains, from Sanremo to Sestriere, together with trusted friends and your special two-wheeled friend.”

In these words you can feel the whole spirit of HAT and Adventouring. The tourism-adventure on two wheels now represents a new frontier of riding a motorbike, a real new energy for the bikers. You can experience a true contact with the purest nature, you can see places and works of absolute beauty, have the pleasure of delicious food, discovering a less-known, hidden and therefore even more unique Italy. These are “romantic” but important aspects of tourism-adventure and you can feel their exclusive, profound authenticity especially when you ride off-road, far from the crowd.

Adventure and Tourism. Two ingredients that together enhance the spirit of the biker who knows how to appreciate and respect them. Adventure means sports, means riding the motorbike off-road, on secondary and dirt roads that are often very challenging. Riding on these roads demands to be an expert biker as well as having a motorcycle in perfect conditions, harmony with the team, organization and attention to all details of the trip. But please, do not forget that “Adventure” cannot be separated from “Safety”. This is an essential aspect to enjoy this discipline at its best.

Tourism means the soul, the inner and cultural side of this discipline, a soul that wants to know new places with a strong historical value and particular natural beauty that convey feelings and charm to most sensitive people.
Adventouring is also characterised by its calm rhythm of riding, with no competition as it is not a race but a ride where the biker can contemplate both natural landscapes and historical places.

For all this Adventouring promotes ethical rules of behavior on the territory for all participants.