Driving, tourism, nature and adventure: an exceptional mixture of values.

The motorcycle has always been identified with the idea of ​​freedom and independence inherent in human nature. Riding a motorcycle nurtures your dreams of travelling, meeting, discovering. Saddling up a motorcycle generations have enriched their lives with intense, special, unforgettable experiences.

And if you ride an “adventure” motorbike, space expands. Driving on a dirt road or on a desert track, surrounded by nature, is certainly a unique experience, a special emotion for those who dared to do it.

So, Adventouring arises from touristic activity (thus with no timing) and off-road motorcycling: a new way of riding on two wheels on dirt roads, exploring new places that are not easy to access to, and therefore so natural and authentic. Particular attention is paid to history and traditions of these places. Driving, tourism, nature and adventure in an exceptional combination of values that offer a great opportunity to those bikers who want to regenerate body and mind.

Corrado Capra, the founder of the motorcycle association OVER2000RIDERS, has always expressed these values in his travels and events. The international success of its HAT HARDALPITOUR, which also led to the growth of the adventouring especially in Italy, testifies to the goodness of these principles and how today many bikers desire to take part in challenging but safe adventure trips. All this is based on full compliance of the ethical code of conduct with respect to whole environment of the territory.